Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Maryland and Washington D.C.

We understand what it means when a loved one places their trust in a medical provider only to have that trust silenced by a serious medical mistake. Robinson & Associates, accepting medical negligence cases in Maryland, Washington DC and nationwide, can help. Our successful medical malpractice team distinguishes itself as we provide injured victims and their family experienced trial attorneys as well as a professional medical staff including a board certified doctor and nurse, all working together on the singular goal of obtaining full and fair compensation for our clients. 

We are serious about the relentless pursuit of justice for victims of medical malpractice;  we invest heavily in our medical resources and have the benefit of a Board Certified surgeon on staff, working directly with our attorneys, to provide expert medical support. This is important because the defense will always have a variety of doctors at their disposal, thus it is crucial to have knowledgeable medical staff on hand to properly advise and advance our client's cases.

As physicians and nurses, our malpractice trial team has extensive medical knowledge, additionally, some of our attorneys have worked for the defense industry in the past. The importance of knowing the defense playbook simply cannot be overstated. Knowing the defense trial tactics can mean the difference between whether your malpractice case is won and injured victims receive justice, or whether the case is lost and there is no recovery. 

Rest assured our experienced and friendly trial team will immediately meet with you face to face and answer all your questions, at no charge, in a comfortable and confidential environment. We understand medical negligence cases are intensely personal matters with life changing ramifications; that is why we invest heavily in our resources and maintain a high level of experienced professionals.

Contact us so we can immediately provide answers to your questions such as:

  • What to do about mounting medical bills associated with a negligent and harmful medical procedure,
  • What to do about lost wages or income that is no longer being received in your household,
  • Whether you should communicate with the doctor that caused the injury,
  • Whether you should seek out another doctor and what to do regarding future bills related to this medical mistake.

Following the devastation of a serious medical mistake, a decision must be made as to how to select the best medical malpractice law firm for you and your family; since there is no shortage of attorneys on the Internet the decision can be appear daunting at first.  However, it is important to select a malpractice trial team that has the widest and deepest breath of medical knowledge and resources available to help you and your family.  A team that consists of lawyers, physicians and nurses is an aggressive and intelligent decision which is necessary when dealing with an insurance industry that will do anything to defeat a victim's claim.    

How to select a Medical Malpractice Law Firm

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Our attorneys have spent decades helping victims of medical negligence. Robinson & Associates has had several cases resulting in some of the largest verdicts recorded in their respective counties.

Our commitment to the success of our clients' cases is unparalleled and is clearly demonstrated by our extensive professional experience and resources.  Our team of experienced attorneys and medical professionals accepts cases in Maryland and Washington D.C. We also accept cases in other states on a case by case basis and there is never any fee or expense to our clients until we win your case.


Client Testimonials

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you did for me and my family. We always appreciated your patience, courtesy and compassion. We were fortunate to be your clients. My health has steadily improved and I am just about back to normal. We are also fortunate to think of you as our friend.

I felt the need to send you a note of gratitude for your excellence and professionalism in the handling of my case. Prior to contacting you about the loss of my darling daughter I was in such a low place and my heart was heavy, you lifted me up. Your assurance and commitment was truly what Ineeded to move forward in a positive way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for me right now and how bright it shines. I will always remember you and would recommend your services to any and all individuals that have encountered the unfortunate circumstances in life that I have experienced. Again, thank you so much.

The attorneys at Robinson & Associates were very personable while at the same time clearly demonstrated and in depth understanding of the medical issues in our case. It is true their experience and on staff medical personnel really do set them head and shoulders above other malpractice attorneys.

There are quite a few malpractice lawyers on the Internet. We did not know who to choose or where to begin. I saw that Robinson & Associates experience included medical malpractice defense gleaned from Johns Hopkins. That was just the vote of confidence that we needed . Thank you .

Do the attorneys have medical malpractice experience?

Medical negligence cases are extremely technical, medically intensive, high stakes, litigation. Often times cases are in the millions of dollars and malpractice insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid having to take responsibility to pay the legitimate claim of an injured victim and her family. Robinson and Associates is acutely aware of how the insurance companies and malpractice defense lawyers operate because one of our attorneys was formerly employed by the defense industry. In addition, we have medical professionals (physician and nurse) directly on staff to help accurately and thoroughly evaluate malpractice claims. Finally, several of our litigation partner lawyers are actual physicians themselves. Together these unique experiences and insights allow our entire legal team to provide a level of performance which is unparalleled. The importance of a keen and thorough understanding of both sides of the medical malpractice playing field and the underlying medicine cannot be overstated.

What level of defense experience do your attorneys have?

Most malpractice lawyers only know one side of the case, few have had the opportunity and experience to work on the defense side. Our chief counsel served as in-house defense counsel for the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. For years, Mr. Stecco assisted in the successful defense of the hospital as well as the doctors and nurses in medical malpractice cases. He has also litigated defense cases for one of Maryland's largest defense law firms and worked for Maryland's largest medical malpractice insurance carrier. He now brings that extensive knowledge to each case we accept on behalf of injured victims and their families.

What is your experience in dealing with Malpractice Insurance Carriers?

Malpractice insurance companies are a completely different breed. The claims handlers are highly trained and have a thorough knowledge of medicine. They deal with large and catastrophic injuries as a result of malpractice claims every day. They also deal with attorneys trying to obtain settlements on questionable or meritless claims; consequently, the insurance companies are difficult to deal with even with meritorious claims. Remember, often times there are millions of dollars at stake on a given medical injury or death and the insurance company is not in the business of giving money away; they will fight hard to win every claim whether their doctor was negligent in his treatment or not. At Robinson & Associates, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of how they operate. We simply do not take part in their insurance games, their delay and deny tactics. Instead, our attorneys scrupulously research potential cases with the assistance of our board certified physician and nurse and then we file suit on behalf of our clients. No insurance games.

Malpractice cases are complicated and require a specialized knowledge of medicine, what medical resources do you have available?

Our attorneys and litigation partners have spent decades helping victims of medical negligence and personal injury claims. Robinson & Associates has had two different cases resulting in some of the largest verdicts recorded in their respective counties. We have an in-house board certified surgeon on staff and a nurseto review our cases alongside our attorneys in order to provide our clients timely and intelligent feedback on their case. We provide our clients unparalleled malpractice experience and knowledge,in-house medical staff and the resources to successfully pursue and win malpractice cases. Our team of experienced attorneys and medical professionals accepts cases in Maryland and Washington D.C. We also accept cases in other states on a case by case basis.

When do I meet the Attorney?

Many medical malpractice clients switch to Robinson and Associates after starting their case elsewhere, indicating that they never had the opportunity to meet with their attorney or they could not get a return phone call from their lawyer. We do not believe this is the proper way to prepare a malpractice case or to build a strong trust relationship with our clients. It has been my experience dealing with lawyers throughout the years that too many of them do not stay in contact with their clients and that it can be very difficult to get a return call or get simple information regarding the status of a case. At Robinson & Associates that is one of our major priorities. Appropriate and timely status and contact with our clients and quick return calls if we are in court. We recognize there is nothing more frustrating then having a serious issue or question and not being able to get a return call.

When you come in to discuss your case, you will meet with one of our trial lawyers in that meeting. If your case is accepted, you will have a contact phone number and email address and you will know who is responsible for your case; and you will always have somebody that you can speak with. We recognize and understand that a malpractice case is an intensely personal matter with serious ramifications to you and your family; we treat each client with that in mind.

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Medical Staff

Board Certified Surgeon and Registered Nurse on staff to assist in the evaluation, preparation and presentation of our cases. The insurance companies have doctors on staff to defend their claims, we have top notch medical resources in-house to protect and advance our client's claims.

Verdicts and Settlements:

$2.75 Million settlement for a 62-year-old woman who was over-sedated during surgery and suffered permanent brain damage.

$2 Million settlement for the death of a 32- year-old man resulting from a medication overdose in the hospital.

$1.5 Million for a child who suffered an Erb's palsy to his right arm during childbirth.

$1.5 Million recovery for a woman who was rendered totally disabled as the result of a stroke & failure to properly render care.

$1.5 Million settlement for the family of a twin child who suffered brain injury when obstetricians negligently failed to recognize his presence in utero.

$2 Million verdict for wrongful death of a newborn.